the QuantiFERON Control Panel

Available as early as February 2013!
Developed specifically for QuantiFERON products, the QuantiFERON Control Panel is a standardized control for use in all QuantiFERON ELISA assays, including:

  • QuantiFERON®-TB Gold (QFT®)
  • QuantiFERON®-CMV

The QuantiFERON Control is cost-effective alternative to the development and use of any “in-house” control and will:

  • Ensure that consistent and accurate results, with in the linear range of the QuantiFERON ELISA platform, are being obtained
  • Assist in the identification of any random or systematic error.

The QuantiFERON Control Panel will be available as a CE marked product in January 2013. We anticipate approval for using this product in the United States in early 2013.

QuantiFERON®-CMV is CE Marked for commercial use in Europe. It is not United States FDA-approved at this time and is limited to investigational use only in the United States. We anticipate United States FDA approval for this product in 2013.

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